Forest Management Services

Budapest Forestry Company

Forest Management Services

The Company’s staff  with its many decades’ professional experiences,  and contacts and knowing a lot of data concerning big part of Hungary provides various services in connection with forest and game management. In addition they undertake to produce certain products. These activities are a little peripheral but make the company’s activities complete. They provide financial sources for maintaining the forests being under supervision of the Company.


In addition to the forest branches, the following services are completed by the Company:


Forest management services:

  • Consultancy, planning and technical advice concerning the forestry
  • Assessment and loss assessment in the forest
  • Afforestation and forest plantation to supplement the renewed forests
  • Forest management and specialised forest handling.


Game management services:

  • Consultancy, planning and technical advice concerning the hunting
  • Loss assessment of the hunting and loss assessment in the game
  • Organising the hunting events
  • Management of the hunting areas and game management


Landscape management:

  • Treatment of injuries in the landscape
  • Establishment of gardens and parks and their keeping
  • Planning and establishing tourism facilities in the forest.


Producing other products:

  • Washed/selected gravels and natural pit ballast
  • Simple wood processing products, cut firewood and firewood for fireplace
  • Natural-stone and agricultural land in limited amounts