Game management

Budapest Forestry Company

Game management

The Budapest Forestry Company carries out game management in three independent hunting areas, altogether in 21,000 hectares area. Variability of the geographic conditions of the three locations provides hunting possibilities both in plain and hilly areas. The staff of the company makes a lot of efforts that the hunters find game with valuable trophies. They take care of control of the number of the animals in the game stock as well as feeding and  land cultivation for game purposes.


Game that can be hunted yearly in the hunting areas of the company is 1500 big game as well as small game also can be hunted – yearly 200 pheasants and 50 hares.


Yearly bag

There are 300-350 wild-boars living in the wild-boar garden having been established in 2001. There are one-day or two-days hunting programmes offered here and the expectable bag is 100-150 wild-boars.


The hunting area of 4900 hectares in Lovasberény includes the 4000 hectares of the forest area in Velencei hill. It is located 50 km far from Budapest by the highway No M7. All the big game being native in Hungary and proper for hunting can be found in this area. The typical game species are deer, fallow deer, moufflon, roe deer and wild boar. The quality of the animal stock is proved by the gold-medalled trophies; the typical weight of the fallow deer antlers is approximately 3.50 kg; more than 50 % of them are awarded some medals.


Accommodation and food is offered for the hunting guests in Fehértanya. There are three double rooms in the hunting lodge. The accommodation is of first class quality. The hunting area in Süttő is 8,500 hectares, 85 % of it is covered with forests. The closed forest system provides good habitat for wild-boars and deer. In addition to wild-boars and deer there are a lot of moufflons and roe deer. Every year some of the trophies, having been hunted here, are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals.


The area is suitable for holding boar-hunting where 20-30 animals per day can be shot by 10 hunters.

The hunting guests can get accommodation in the hunting lodge in Alsóvadács where skilled stuff take care of the guests and provide services at high level.


The Company’s hunting area in Dabas is approximately 7800 hectares, which is located in the northern part of the intermediate space between River Duna and River Tisza, a region of the Great Plain close to the capital. Due to the flat country characters only 50 % of the area is covered with forests.

The weights of roe deer trophies are between 200 and 450 grams. Wild boar and fallow deer also can be seen here but they pass through the area. The conditions are favourable for mallard-shooting, too. The streams flowing through the hunting area provide good resting and landing places for the aquatic birds.


The small game is hunted in beating for game. Hunting of the pheasants having been grown in wild conditions as well as of the hares is very amusing for the hunters being interested in it.