Budapest Forestry Company

Recreation and ecotourism

The Company – in addition to managing the economy and the life in the forests and area being under its management and maintaining the continuous farming – makes a lot of efforts for providing conditions that fulfil  the three functions (production, protection and welfare) of the forests and the activities carried out in its areas.


The society, in addition to producing timber as a raw material – it is the main economic activity of the company that provides the financial sources for saving the forests – expects


- That the company protects the environment (soil, water, landscape, nature and settlements from dust, wind, noise and etc.); takes care of oxygen production, climate improvement and contaminants adsorption; and

- The forests provide the members of the society with possibilities of recreation, rest and relaxation.


The well managed forests generally meet the first two requirements; however regarding the welfare tasks the forests shall be prepared to be able to meet the visitors’ demands without damaging the forests themselves. This preparation means various tasks, which are classified into three groups, as follows:


- Determination and designation of the areas, establishments and routes being available for the visitors;

- Removal of any objects that may be dangerous for the tourists and certain protecting measurements for safety of the visitors; and

- creating establishments being interesting for the visitors.


In order to meeting the visitors’ requirements specified above, the Company has created and maintained the following establishments:

  • Nine geologic paths for studying stratifications in Gerecse Mountain. It provides an insight into the Palaeozoic era. The study paths are located in two groups in Süttő, in surroundings of Vöröshíd and in Kisgerecse. They were created by arranging the old open stone quarries having been closed for long time.
  • Arboretum in Neszmély: It has a collection of pine varieties on 30 ha area. It was established in middle of the last century and recently extended inside of Gerecse.
  • Hunting lodge in Alsóvadács in the depths of Gerecse Mountain waits for tourist groups and visitors who like the nature and want to have a rest. It has facilities to organise various social events (training courses, survival camp and etc.). Capacity: 11 rooms, 22 persons

Hunting lodge in Alsóvadács

  • Fishing pond in Lovasberény provides fishing possibilities and contains the most types of fish being typical in Hungary.